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Subject: Registration Reminders

This quarter I've already seen almost 50 students who have had some type of
registration problem (late add, wrong ensemble, practicum or class, late
drop, combinations of dropping and adding, not in enough hours to maintain
their scholarships, etc.) and we still have a few weeks remaining.  This is
an inordinately high number, even for the fall quarter.

After the fifth week in the quarter, there must be extenuating or extreme
circumstances for a student to drop a class.  As a reminder,  doing poorly
in a class is not an acceptable rationale for dropping a class after the
mid-quarter drop date.

For those students who have a registration problem which requires my
assistance, they should call my office to set up an appointment as soon as
the problem is identified rather than waiting to the end of the quarter.

Please remind your students, faculty and staff of the registration deadlines
for the upcoming Winter quarter.  I do need your help in getting the word
out to students to check their schedules and DARS for accuracy once they
register for the Winter quarter.  It is relatively easy to correct
registration problems before the Winter quarter starts, but much more
complicated for all concerned after the quarter progresses past the second



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