[Theaterfacultystaff] FW: FYI--Possibility of Severe Weather

Fiocchi, Barbara fiocchib at ohio.edu
Tue Oct 26 14:06:23 EDT 2010

We are under a Tornado Watch until 9:00 this evening

Reminders of Actions to Take in the Event of a Tornado Warning:

When the sirens sound on campus this is the signal to take shelter immediately.  Do not wait for an emergency text message.  The sirens are your signal to take cover.  Please take responsibility for helping your students to a sheltered location.

Avoid leaving that location until you can confirm that the threat has passed.  Checking the University Emergency Web Page http://www.ohio.edu/emergency/ or the National Weather Service Web Page http://forecast.weather.gov/ can assist you in determining when it is safe to leave.

In a public building, go to the innermost place on the lowest floor. Avoid windows, glass doorways and areas not sheltered by overhead floors and rooms (e.g., atriums). Don't use elevators - the power may go out and you could be trapped. Crouch down, protecting your head.

In an open building such as a gymnasium or indoor pool stay away from the windows. If possible, get to the restroom, which often is made from concrete block and offers more protection. If there's no time to go anywhere, seek protection right where you are. Lean against something that will support or divert falling rubble. Always protect your head.

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