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This is a reminder about our faculty meeting scheduled for Monday, Sept. 18 at Noon.

Dean McWeeny will be joining us at that meeting to discuss the College Futures Committee.
Brian, Michael and I have been serving on this committee and one of its three subcommittees - ours was related to performance and production.  The other 2 subcommittees were identified as related to academic studies, and visual art and design.

We have not had the opportunity to talk with you about our work on the committee.
Chuck will review what the committee is doing now and likely ask you for your thoughts.
If you have any questions (either before or after the meeting) please feel free to ask anytime.

There are some things we may not have time to go over so I'm taking this opportunity to let you know what's up on a few fronts.

 1.  Hahne Roof - funding has been identified for this and a project manager has been assigned.  They are looking at a Spring 2011 time frame for roof replacement.  In the meantime if there are leak issues, please tell Barb and she will file a work order.
 2.  Kantner Steps are also on a list for repair.  No project manger assigned and no funding is in place, but they are working on it.  More as things develop.
 3.  Theater history winter and spring - The dean has approved funding for theater history instructors.  Although no final appointments have been made, we have two individuals who could teach one course  each this winter.   One course would be on Women in Theater and the other would be on Latin American Theater.    If we have a moment at the meeting I hope we can discuss this further.
 4.  Regarding other "open" lines in the school, there has been no word on conducting searches.  This is a budget question.  Much of this depends on the state of the economy, the election of the governor, the state legislature establishing a new biennial budget, and the lifting of the freeze on hiring.

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