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> Subject: Fwd: Used Musical Instrument Drive-Stefan Barber-HTC Alum
> Please read and share the message below with your faculty, staff and students who might wish to participate in this used instrument drive.  I did inquire about getting some type of verification for a charitable donation for tax purposes and I've included that response below.  I recommend that anyone interested in participating in this drive to contact the HTC office or the alum directly if you have any questions.
> Thanks,
> Norma 
> "We are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Any donation given to ABLE Families is a charitable donation.  And we would be glad to provide a receipt of some kind for those interested. I would suggest attaching some contact info to the instrument.
> However, since these instruments would be in-kind donations, not cash, it is the responsibility of the donor to determine the used instruments cash value when doing a tax write-off."
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>> Subject: Used Musical Instrument Drive-Stefan Barber-HTC Alum
>> Norma,
>> 	One of our recent alums sent the email below.  I was wondering if
>> you think the students in your college might have old instruments they would
>> be willing to donate.  If you think so, please send this out to your
>> students. If you wanted to collect the instruments in your college, we could
>> arrange someone to pick them up.   Thanks, Kathy
>> Kathy White, CPS
>> Budget Unit Manager
>> Administrative Coordinator
>> Honors Tutorial College
>> 593-2723
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>> Subject: Used Musical Instrument Drive-Stefan Barber-HTC Alum
>> HTC Students,
>> My name is Stefan Barber.  I'm an alumnus of the Honors Tutorial College
>> (Political Science 2009).  Currently, I'm serving as an AmeriCorps*VISTA
>> volunteer at a faith based non-profit organization called A.B.L.E. Families
>> in Kermit, W.Va.  I am writing to ask that you consider donating to a used
>> musical instrument drive I'm organizing to benefit the children of my area.
>> March is Music In Our School Month.  As many of you are aware, music
>> programs in public schools have suffered over the past decade.
>> Transformations in public education have led many schools to decrease, or
>> even cut, the budget for band classes.
>> Decreased funding for band has placed the financial burden of learning to
>> play an instrument upon the children and their families.  Many communities
>> have been able to overcome this financial burden, but mine has not.  Kermit
>> is located in northern Mingo County, which has a poverty rate of 24.6
>> percent.  When compared to the state and national poverty rates of 17.4 and
>> 13.2 percents, respectively, it should become apparent that many local
>> children are caught in the grips of some of the most severe poverty in
>> America.
>> At the same time, many college students across America posses used
>> instruments that they no longer play.  Many of these instruments are sitting
>> in their closets at home collecting dust.  With this used music instrument
>> drive, I hope to collect many of those instruments and distribute them among
>> local schools, where underprivileged kids will benefit from learning to play
>> them.
>> I ask that you please consider donating any used musical instrument that you
>> no longer play. Know that your donation will be put to good use.  My goal is
>> to keep band programs alive in the Tug Valley area, and ensure that every
>> child who wants to play music will have the opportunity to do so.  Too many
>> of our children never learn to play music because of the costs.
>> If interested, please drop off your used musical instrument to 35 Park Place
>> during the month of March.  I will come to OU sometime during the first week
>> in April to pick up these donations.  And, keep in mind, your spring break
>> is coming up, which will provide a great chance for you to dust off an old
>> instrument and bring it back to campus.
>> Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I can be
>> reached at 304.393.4987 or Stefan.D.Barber at gmail.com
>> If you're interested in getting more information about Music In Our Schools
>> Month or the non-profit organization for which I serve, ABLE Families, I am
>> including the links below.
>> Thanks so much for your time and consideration, and have a great spring
>> break (I highly recommend Panama City Beach!)
>> Respectfully,
>> Stefan Barber
>> Music In Our Schools Month:
>> http://www.menc.org/events/view/music-in-our-schools-month
>> ABLE Families: http://www.ablefamilies.org/ 
> Norma J. Humphreys, Ph.D.
> Assistant Dean
> College of Fine Arts
> Jennings House
> 54 E. Union Street
> Athens, Ohio  45701
> phone:  740-593-1813
> fax:  740-593-0570

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