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Fiocchi, Barbara fiocchib at ohio.edu
Thu Aug 26 12:08:33 EDT 2010

Hello All,
I am passing along an email from one of our new TD Grads, Joey Waldrop.  His email explains his situation, I asked him to send me a list of items he might need, we will be collecting things for Joey as he is in town right now working pre-build in the Scene shop, please take a look at the list and see if there is anything you can contribute.
Contact me if you have any questions or ideas about how to help him,

Barbara Fiocchi
Admin. Assistant
School of Theater
Ohio University

From: Joey Waldrop [mailto:joeywaldrop at gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 4:31 PM
To: Fiocchi, Barbara
Subject: Things I lost in the car fire

hey barbara, i remember you asked for a list of stuff i need/stuff i lost. This is what i could come up with.
i normally don't feel comfortable asking people for help like this, but these are extreme circumstances.
thank you so much for helping.

Hi, my name is Joey Waldrop. I don't know who is exactly going to be seeing this list, so you may already know about this.
I recently got in my car to drive to the university of Ohio to start grad school, and I got about half way there (within a few miles of the Kentucky border) and my car started smoking...before I could even pull all the way into a nearby gas station, my car was on fire.
I managed to get my cat and my computer bag out of the car before it was too dangerous to go near it.
I lost close to everything I own in that fire.
This is a list of things I need, any help is greatly appreciated.


Groceries: soups, boxed meals (hamburger helper, etc). maybe things I could pack for lunch. generally non perishable stuff,  since I am sharing a fridge with 4 other people.


A heavy blanket or comforter

Clothes: long shot, I know, but I wear a 3x or 4x shirt, and my pants are 48x34 or 50x34 depending on what the "fit" is

I lost all my hand drafting supplies: squares, lead holders, drafting dots, scale rulers, carrier tube.

i wouldn't expect anybody to be able to give me this stuff, but I lost all of my tools: skill saw, sawz all, jigsaw, screwgun, flashlight, 18 volt batteries, battery charger.

Shoes: I wear a size twenty

I lost a ton of text books: stock scenery, AutoCAD 2010, tech design solutions volumes 1 and 2, a lighting design book and an electricity book that I can't recall the names of, the stage rigging handbook, the backstage handbook, a hand drafting book, my riverside Shakespeare, a huge art history text book. There are more than that, but I can't remember all of them. Plus a large number of novels.

All of my suitcases and bags (but those aren't pressing issues)

Those are just the things I think could be replaced...
I lost several things that either cannot be replaced or  things that I would never feel comfortable asking anybody for: my letter jacket and duffle bag from the university of Georgia, a number of note books from classes I've taken, my wallet with my driver's license and social security card and about 300 dollars cash,
My car.

This whole experience is surreal, I know I'm forgetting stuff. Mainly because I can't wrap my head around the fact that I piled close to everything I own in a car that caught on fire and burned to the ground.

I feel like I'm completely starting over. And again, anything anybody could do to help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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