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Subject: Errors in Reappointment Letters 
Importance: High


Dear Deans, Chairs and Directors:


Group I faculty recently received reappointment letters that may not have
included promotion and tenure decisions made this past spring and effective
beginning Fall Quarter 2010.  However, faculty salaries listed on those
letters should correctly reflect promotions since the salaries are submitted
by your units' budget unit managers. 


Our office is currently working with Human Resources to update the list of
departments, schools and programs from which promotion and tenure
assignments are made in the Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS).
This list is tied only to a specific promotion and tenure screen and not to
the entire HRMS system.  The list has been out of date for some time and
includes multiple names for departments/schools/programs, discontinued
programs, offices/units that never grant tenure and does not include
department/school/program name changes due to the restructuring or, in some
cases, name changes that have occurred over the past several years.


Because of the need to update this list and make sure that all faculty
promotion and tenure assignments are in the correctly named department,
school, etc. This year's promotion and tenure assignments were not entered
into HRMS prior to reappointment letters being generated by Payroll. 


Letters sent out to faculty from Executive Vice President and Provost, Pam
Benoit, on April 30, 2010, that notified faculty of promotion and tenure
decisions are accurate.  The reappointment letters generated by Payroll will
have the correct salary, since this is entered by each unit's budget unit
manager, even though the faculty rank does not reflect promotions. 


We apologize for any confusion this has caused.  Please be assured that data
in HRMS will be updated soon. A follow-up email, with an attached
spreadsheet of proposed changes to the promotion and tenure list in HRMS,
will be sent to the colleges and regional campuses for their review today.


All the best,

Anita Leach






Anita J. Leach, B.A.

Assistant to Executive

Academic Affairs/Enrollment Mgt.
Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost

310 Cutler Hall

Athens, OH  45701-2979

Phone:  740-593-9877

Fax:  740-593-9591


Well done is better than well said.

-Benjamin Franklin


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