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> Subject: Fine Arts FACTS-April '10
>> Registration Reminders for April:
> Regional campus students should refer also to the section of the  
> Schedule of Classes pertaining to their campus: Chillicothe,  
> Eastern, Lancaster, Southern, Zanesville.
> Deadlines are 5:00 p.m. EST on the date indicated (unless otherwise  
> noted). However, online transactions may be processed beyond 5:00  
> p.m. EST if the online application is available.
> By registering for classes, a student incurs a legal obligation to  
> pay tuition and fees. This debt may be canceled only if the student  
> officially cancels his/her registration BEFORE Monday, March 29, 2010.
> Last day to add a spring quarter class without instructor's approval
> Summer quarter registration begins
> Last day to register for spring quarter
> Note: Students who are in attendance by this date but fail to  
> complete any registration procedures must pay a penalty for  
> retroactive registration correction according to the following  
> schedule:
> April 13 - 19	$ 40
> April 20 - 26	$ 60
> April 27 - May 3	$ 80
> May 4 - 10	$100
> Last day to add a spring quarter class (instructor's permission  
> required)
> Last day to remove a spring quarter class from student's academic  
> record with possible fee adjustment (use Web Registration); spring  
> quarter classes dropped April 13 - May 3 will remain on student's  
> academic record with WP/WF grade with no fee adjustment
> Last day to receive partial fee adjustment (80%) of registration  
> fees for complete withdrawal from the University for spring quarter  
> (all spring quarter courses removed from the student's academic  
> record)
> Last day to apply for pass/fail grading option for spring quarter  
> class (apply at your college student services office or regional  
> campus student services office)
> Last day to change college/major for spring quarter (contact your  
> college student services office or regional campus student services  
> office)
> Spring quarter class schedules sent to University e-mail accounts  
> of registered students
> Spring quarter classes dropped will not remove fees for hours  
> dropped; corrected registration that results in increased hours  
> could increase tuition
> Spring quarter classes dropped from this date through May 3 (last  
> day to drop a class) will remain on student's academic record with  
> WP/WF grade with no fee adjustment
> Last day to apply for graduation for spring quarter
> Note: Official graduation (degree conferral date) is June 5  
> (medical), 11 (graduate), 12 (undergraduate). Commencement is held  
> at the conclusion of spring quarter.
> Last day for new students to withdraw from housing and receive a  
> full housing deposit refund for the next academic year
> Last day to drop a class from your spring quarter schedule (use Web  
> Registration)
> Note: Course remains on student's academic record with WP/WF grade  
> with no fee adjustment.
> Deadline to waive spring quarter Health Insurance fee.
> Deadline to waive Student Legal Service fee.
> Deadline to waive WellBeing Plan fee.
> Spring quarter monthly payment plan installment #2 due
> Last day for removing incomplete grades incurred during last  
> enrollment (if not removed, I grade will change to F)
>>  For a complete view of the Spring quarter academic calendar, go  
>> to http://www.ohio.edu/registrar/info/spring2009-10/calendar.htm
>> Events, Happenings, Opportunities:
>> ARTS for OHIO--ongoing  Free admission for students to College of  
>> Fine Arts events.  For a listing of upcoming events, visit http:// 
>> www.finearts.ohio..edu/artsforohio.
>> Calling All Students:  Have you won a research award or are  
>> currently working on a creative research project? Are you  
>> performing or exhibiting in a location off campus? We are  
>> interested in promoting your research and creative activities!   
>> Please send an email highlighting your accomplishments to  
>> fineartsnews at ohio.edu or call Amy Wells at 597-3213.
>> Fulbright Information Sessions:  Are you an outstanding OU student  
>> and an American citizen who will be a senior, master's or doctoral  
>> student in the Fall of 2010? Would you like to spend the 2011-12  
>> academic year in one of over 100 countries conducting research,  
>> teaching English or completing professional training in the  
>> creative or performing arts, perhaps in conjunction with taking  
>> graduate classes? If so, you are invited to attend an upcoming  
>> information session on the prestigious and competitive Fulbright  
>> U.S. Student Program.  Younger students are also welcome to attend  
>> to receive information in advance. The sessions will be held in  
>> Alden Library 301U on:
>> 	Tuesday, April 6th, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
>> 	Wednesday, April 7th, 11:00 - noon
>> 	Thursday, April 8th, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
>> 	Monday, April 12th, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
>> 	Tuesday, April 13th, 5:00 - 6:00 pm
>> For more information on the Fulbright  opportunities, contact:  
>> Beth Clodfelter; email, clodfele at ohio.edu
> Friday, April 23, 2010 from  9:00 am- 5:00 pm.  OU Pre-Law Day-- 
> This full day of events related to the legal profession is a  
> wonderful opportunity for all students interested in the American  
> legal system, not just those planning on attending law school.    
> Highlights of the day include a keynote by Daniel Bernstine,  
> President and CEO of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and a  
> presentation by the Ohio Innocence Project. The afternoon's events  
> include panels on topics such as women in law, ethics in law, and  
> practical career advice for future lawyers as well as a small law  
> school admissions fair.  The day is free and open to all with  
> events taking place at the Baker University Center.  For more  
> information, to view the full schedule, or to pre-register  
> (recommended but not required), please visit www.ohio.edu/prelawday
>> Fine Arts Study Abroad Opportunities for Summer
>>  (Limited scholarships are available for this program)
>> Art, Art History and Flim in London and Edinburgh, June 24-July  
>> 21, 2010
>> Spend exciting four weeks this summer living and taking classes in  
>> central London and Edinburgh.  Earn 15 or more credit hours taking  
>> art studio, art history and film courses.  All classes are taught  
>> in fabulous museums or on sites throughout London and Edinburgh  
>> rather than in the classroom.  Many other memorable activities are  
>> planned, including a Shakespearean play at the outdoor New Globe  
>> Theatre, a world class West End play, private bus trips to  
>> Stonehenge, Avebury, Oxford and Blenheim Palace, and a ride on the  
>> 440 foot high London Eye ferris wheel.  In London we will live in  
>> high quality apartments conveniently located in Bloomsbury, just  
>> one street from the British Museum.  Application deadline:  April  
>> 12.  For additional information, see our website for details:   
>> http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/education_abroad/Great_Britain/ 
>> art_arthistory_summer.html
>> Information on other Fine Arts sponsored study abroad programs for  
>> undergraduate and graduate students can be found at http:// 
>> www.finearts.ohio.edu/education-abroad/index.htm
>> Information on all University sponsored study abroad programs can  
>> be accessed at http://www.ohiou.edu/studyabroad/index.htm.
>> Research Opportunities for Students:
>> Graduate students--The deadline to submit an application for the  
>> College of Fine Arts Billman Parry Award to your school director  
>> is Friday, April 9.  The minimum value for this award is $5,000.   
>> For more information about this award and other Fine Arts  
>> supported research opportunities, go to http:// 
>> www.finearts.ohio.edu/pages/curstudent/grad/grants.htm
> Herbert L. Baer Prize, sponsored by the Honors Tutorial College, is  
> a  competition for a $1000 prize and is open to currently enrolled  
> full-time undergraduate students on the Athens and Regional  
> campuses of Ohio University.  This prize is based on a written  
> essay.  Deadline for submission is Friday, April 23.  For a  
> detailed description of the competition and prize, along with  
> copies of the cover and faculty endorsement sheets, download the  
> documents provided at  http://www.honors.ohio.edu/scholarships.htm#a1
>> For a more complete listing of research opportunities supported by  
>> the University for graduate and undergraduate students, go to  
>> http://www.ohio.edu/research/Funding.cfm
>> Graduate students should go to http://www.ohio.edu/graduate/ for  
>> information, forms and deadlines related to graduate studies.

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