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> Subject: New Student Success Tool
> This email is sent on behalf of Executive Vice President and Provost  
> Pam Benoit
> ________________________________________________________________________________
> Dear Colleagues:
> Please help me inform your faculty and graduate instructors of a new  
> student success tool designed to help track mid-quarter academic  
> performance for a designated set of students.
> In the past, mid-quarter performance reports have been requested for  
> students in various programs such as the College Adjustment Program  
> (CAP). These reports, drawing on paper forms filled out by  
> instructors, played an important role in helping students and their  
> advisors evaluate academic performance and make mid-quarter  
> adjustments.
> Because mid-quarter reports have been useful in helping students be  
> successful, requests for information on student performance will  
> continue, but a new on-line system called Academic Progress e- 
> Reports will be used campus-wide beginning this quarter.  It  
> improves the process in several ways:
> *Instructors will receive one request for an Academic Progress e- 
> Report per student, even if the student is in more than one program.
> *Instructors will receive just one electronic request that includes  
> the names of all the students in any special program, instead of  
> several paper forms from different offices.
> *Program coordinators will now have information as soon as  
> instructors complete it, instead of waiting for it to be returned in  
> campus mail.
> *This system will be able to send reminder e-mails to instructors to  
> help increase the response rate.
> * The electronic form designed by the Office of Information  
> Technology is user-friendly and easy to complete.  A snapshot of the  
> form is available at http://www.ohio.edu/helpcenter/upload/APeR.pdf
> The on-line reporting program was launched as a pilot in the summer  
> of 2009 for student athletes and students in the Summer Transitional  
> Program.  It performed well.
> The team that developed the Academic Progress e-Reports included  
> Dave Fleeman from the Office of Information Technology who served as  
> the project lead and staff from the Academic Advancement Center, the  
> Allen Student Help Center, Intercollegiate Athletics, the Office for  
> Multicultural Student Access and Retention, ROTC, University  
> College, and the Registrar's Office.
> If you have questions about using this system, or any suggestions  
> for improvement, please contact Jenny Klein in the Allen Student  
> Help Center, 566-8888 or kleinj2 at ohio.edu.
> Sincerely,
> Pam Benoit
> Executive Vice President and Provost

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