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Sorry for the delay. I misread this thinking it was forwarded to you  
all directly.  Please do your best to look it over and send thoughts  
to Chuck.


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> From: Charles McWeeny <mcweeny at ohio.edu>
> Date: October 19, 2009 4:42:00 PM EDT
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> Subject: Important request from the advisory board
> Please forward this email from the COFA advisory board members to  
> faculty and emeritus faculty in your school:
> Dear CoFA Faculty,
>  In the past few months, Dean McWeeny has put together an advisory  
> board of alumni from the College of Fine Arts. The main goal of our  
> group is to find ways to reconnect the vast community of artists and  
> arts scholars who've come through OU with the college, with the  
> current students, and with each other. As we embark on this  
> multifaceted task, we wanted to seek your input and support.
>  At our recent meeting we discussed launching a mini web site  
> devoted specifically to CoFA alumni. We'd like the site to serve as  
> a way to get in touch, stay in touch, and to share information about  
> shows, exhibitions, festivals, classes, and other projects we're  
> involved in. We are exploring the possiblity of creating a calendar  
> where alumni could post their events. It seems to us that the one  
> thing artist’s need is help getting word out about their work. That  
> would then serve as the central hub around which we could gather to  
> rekindle the invaluable relationships made here in Athens.
>  First, we'd like to ask if you have ideas or comments on the  
> proposed site/calendar and how it might serve artists most  
> effectively. Second, before designing the site, we'd love to get  
> suggestions and feedback on the idea from a select group of arts  
> alumni. So finally we'd like to ask if you would forward a simple  
> email from us with a few questions about this project to alumni that  
> you are still in touch with.
>  If you could send your thoughts and ideas about the arts alumni web  
> site/calendar to Dean McWeeny by October 30, and let him know if you  
> would be up for forwarding our email to your circle of alumni  
> colleagues, we'd be truly grateful.
> Thanks for reading this, and thanks for all you do to keep the  
> College of Fine Arts such a vital place,
> Marc Berman, School of Architecture, BFA 1968
> Gina Calcamuggio, Honors Tutorial College, BA 1992
> Carolyn Merriman, School of Theater, BFA 1977
> Connie Romine, School of Music, BFA 1970
> Lucy Sexton, School of Dance, BFA 1982
> Robin Smith, School of Architecture, Design, and Planning, BFA 1972
> Diana Walters, School of Music, BFA 1968, MFA 1970
> Chuck McWeeny
> Dean
> College of Fine Arts
> Ohio University
> Athens, OH
> 740-593-1809
> http://www.finearts.ohio.edu/

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