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> Subject: Shared Governance @ OHIO--Please Read
> This message is sent on behalf of Executive Vice President and  
> Provost Pam Benoit.
> Chairs and directors, please forward to your faculty.
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> Dear Colleagues:
> Over the past two months, I have been meeting with groups of  
> faculty, students, and staff in an effort to understand what they  
> value about Ohio University, to learn what their proudest  
> accomplishments are, and to hear their uppermost concerns.  I still  
> have much listening to do as I continue my visits to each of the  
> colleges and the campuses, but one theme that has been sounded  
> repeatedly is the need to work on shared governance.
> The leaders of our campus constituent senates have confirmed this  
> need.  In consultation with these leaders and with President  
> McDavis, an approach to building a consensus on shared governance  
> has been constructed.  That approach is outlined at the end of this  
> message.
> It would be fair to ask, why go through a lengthy process?  Share  
> the governance of the university and be done with it.  The problem  
> with such a modus operandi is that in my discussions with members of  
> the campus community it is clear that there isn’t a consensus on  
> what shared governance should be at this institution.  Before we can  
> share, we need to know what we are sharing.
> To enable us to have a conversation across all of our campuses, I  
> have begun a blog on shared governance--Shared Governance at OHIO, http://ohioevpp.wordpress.com/ 
> .  I would like to thank the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for  
> agreeing to co-sponsor the blog.  Posted on Shared Governance at OHIO  
> are some readings about shared governance, discussion prompts, and  
> questions.  I hope these provide a useful place to start our  
> conversation.
> In order to have a meaningful discussion of the important issues  
> that surround shared governance, your participation is essential.   
> Please become part of the conversation.
> Sincerely,
> Pam Benoit
> Executive Vice President and Provost
> Goals:
> 1.  To have a substantive, university-wide conversation on shared  
> governance.
> 2.  To use that conversation (conducted in multiple ways) to help  
> construct a shared governance concept paper that will help guide  
> decision-making at Ohio University.
> Process:
> 1.  Shared governance blog to be launched in October 2009.   
> Questions and readings to be posted to help encourage thoughtful and  
> fruitful discussions across all Ohio University campuses.
> 2.  Campus survey on shared governance to be developed in  
> conjunction with constituent senates and administered in February  
> 2010.
> 3.  Stakeholder committee to be appointed in March 2010.  Committee  
> to use the results of the survey to shape forums to be held in April  
> and May.
> 4.  Draft of a shared governance concept paper to be presented for  
> comment to the campus community in September 2010.
> 5.  Shared governance concept paper finalized and recommendations  
> implemented in October 2010.

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