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Subject: Upcoming Casting Calls - can you pass on the information?



I am writing to inform you of a great opportunity for theatre and acting
students to be a part of a short film currently being produced by Wright
State University Motion Picture Production students. In prior years, these
films have gone on to be shown at film festivals, win awards, and much more.

This year three films are being produced, but I am writing to inform you of
an upcoming casting call for the film Summer in Rhine Trailer Park. This
group is currently looking, in particular, for young men, who look high
school age and a 30-something female for their cast (more details about
these roles provided below or on attached call sheets). Up to this point,
there have been a number of casting calls in the Dayton area and beyond, but
they are still looking for more people interested in auditioning. This film
is scheduled to be produced between June 8 and June 15, 2009 and are running
short on time. 

There will be three additional casting calls in the next couple days:
Cincinnati and Dayton tomorrow and Columbus on Friday. Sides will be
provided and no monologue is required. Those auditioning are asked to bring
a headshot and resume, if possible; experience is not necessary, just

I, and many others, would be extremely grateful if you could forward this
information onto anyone at your institution or elsewhere who might be
interested in learning more or auditioning for this role. This really is a
great opportunity for actors to work on a professional set.

If you would like any further information, you can contact the film director
Liz Cambron at (937) 305-5908 or via e-mail to elizabeth.cambron at live.com.

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide!
Laura DeStephen


Casting Information for the Short Film Summer in Rhine Trailer Park
A young woman, coping with poverty and an emotionally absent father, comes
of age with the aid of an older neighbor and ultimately must confront her
own self-destructive ways.

EMILY (17) Emily has been told her whole life how beautiful she is, but has
never believed it. Her self-worth has always come from lovers and admirers,
but never from within. Casual sex and drug use become more frequent for her;
they provide comfort and relief.

SYLVIA (35) Sylvia makes a living cutting hair out of her home and selling
pain pills to her neighbors in the park. Her goal in life is to stay young
and never run out of cigarettes.

BRIAN (15) Confused by the pressures of society. Brian consistently, yet
unsuccessfully, tries to prove his "manhood." He enjoys summer because it
gives him an excuse to walk around with his shirt off.

RUSSEL (40) His daughter Emily reminds him of the wife that abandoned him.
Russel finds it difficult to show affection towards Emily. Living on
disability income from a work injury, he distracts himself with daytime
television and cheap beer. 

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