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William Fisher fisherw at ohiou.edu
Fri May 1 09:12:26 EDT 2009

Thanks for the follow-up Holly.

There are some things that may not be completely accurate or clear  
here, so please excuse the brief additions, comments, etc.

I will odder more early next week.


On May 1, 2009, at 8:46 AM, Holly Cole wrote:

> Dear faculty
> Here is a summary of the Q2S report I gave Wednesday in the faculty  
> meeting.
> I've also attached advising worksheets that PD&T is using in our  
> planning.
> We have really only scratched the surface in the grad programs and  
> each area
> is still developing its advising worksheets as load problems are  
> addressed,
> but this preliminary work has helped the curriculum committee to  
> identify
> the following problems:
> Ugrad Core Issues:
> 1.We question the necessity of THAR 101 - could the information  
> covered be
> rolled into a freshman orientation session or THAR 172?
> 2.The Thar 110, 111, 112 sequence must be split into 2 semesters in  
> some
> way;this is complicated by 112's equivalency to 213 for our non-acting
> majors. Combining 110 intro & 111 improv into one semester and  
> converting
> 112 and 213 to semester-long classes is one option.  Under the  
> semester
> system then all majors would be required to take 2 acting classes  
> instead of
> 3.

currently, 112 (2cr) and 213 (4cr)  are not equivalent.  213 is an  
alternative way of getting a 2nd course in acting (up to the 6 credit  
hour level).

> 3.The THAR 131 A,B,C courses do not split into 2 semesters well  
> within the
> freshman year. To keep this training confined to the freshman year  
> PD&T
> proposes adding a 4th training section (D) in stage management/ 
> publicity and
> teaching each of these sections in 7 week modules twice a year.
I believe this division needs to be internal and 131 be in the MCF as  
two courses, one semester each.  Further, I believe that having stage  
management as the 4th component (publicity / theater management is a  
waste of time and space for 1st yr students.  We have more than 20  
people currently assigned to "box office, publicity, ushering" which  
is too many.  The 4th component should be STAGE MANAGEMENT.  This  
begins to address the 420 preparedness question.

> 4.Playwriting students are currently advised to take THAR 151 and  
> 250 in the
> first year for audition into the playwriting program; but if THAR 151
> expands into a full semester class the area sees no need for  
> students to
> take 250 in the freshman year.

More on this next week.
> 5.Expanding 171 and 172 into full semester classes will be necessary  
> & the
> classes should anticipate either handling the full freshman  
> population or be
> taught twice a year. The curriculum committee is concerned that course
> content and objectives for these courses are unclear; and course  
> content
> will need more clarity to support assigning more faculty or grad  
> students as
> instructors for these classes.

I would like to open discussion on items 4 and 5.
> 6.Practicum expansion & requirements has not been fully addressed  
> yet. We
> will need to downsize the number of practicums required to adapt to  
> the
> semester system & we need to sort out our current practicum issues  
> with an
> eye to expansion into the semester system. We assume we will move to  
> a fall
> semester of 3 productions & and spring semester of 2 productions + the
> playwrights festival. Most of our undergrads take 2 credit  
> practicums and
> with a 5-week expansion to the semester system a 2-semester credit
> registration can still work for our students. We will need to work  
> out how
> sophomore and junior students in one production per semester can  
> contribute
> to crew work for another production in the semester or we will  
> rapidly have
> problems securing run crews.

This is a big conversation that requires
> 7.Preparation for THAR 420 across the school has been reported as
> problematic. It is suggested that a new class, THAR 320, be  
> developed and
> that it should become the new core requirement. Perhaps this course  
> would
> focus more on directing theories and less on the nuts and bolts of
> directing? More clarification is needed on what the problem

320 is not a new class.  it is on our books.  We can change the  
requirement tomorrow if we choose.  I believe the performance area  
should put forward proposals to the curriculum committee. I will make  
the charge of an ad hoc committee.
> 8.The 2 THAR 470 classes that our majors must take have the  
> potential to
> become a major teaching burden for the theater history faculty. Many  
> of our
> students will only have 3 semesters in which their programs will  
> allow them
> room to take a seminar - and to keep the seminars to a reasonable
> registration cap of 15 we will need to offer several a year. Possible
> solutions:
> More faculty teaching 470/570 seminars
> Include or require an IARTS seminar for a 470 option

I am ABSOLUTELY against lowering the requirement of 470 to 1 semester.  
Students can already begin trying to take them in the junior year.
> 9. Grad core issue:
> Converting the grad programs has also revealed problems with the  
> THAR 500
> requirement in the first semester of study. Many programs require a  
> lot of
> core skills classes in the first year of study and the loss of one  
> quarter
> is a significant problem in getting all the skill sets covered. Is  
> the THAR
> 500 class necessary for our training? Must it be in the first  
> semester of
> study?
More on this next week, too. 

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