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Cc: JR Glover; Annie-B Parson
Subject: Special Opportunity for Choreographers and Directors: 2009
Choreographers Lab at Jacob's Pillow


Dear Colleagues and Friends of Dance and Theatre,


Please spread word about the special opportunity at Jacob's Pillow this
summer for choreographers and directors. The 2009 Choreographers Lab: Dance
and Theatre Collaborations will run August 25 to September 2. This
inimitable program will be led by Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar, the Bessie,
Obie, and Guggenheim Fellowship award-winning directors of Big Dance
Theater, who have trained several waves of rising choreographers, directors,
and performers.  


Six choreographers and six directors/dramaturges will be selected from an
international pool of applicants to generate dance material that supports,
mines, and advances theatrical text. 


Participants will work in pairs, groups, and individually to:

*	Examine how the properties of dance and theatre impact character,
circumstance, scenario, and relationship using theatrical text from authors
such as Chekhov, Fassbinder, Ionesco, and Buchner; 
*	Create movement studies that blur and transform the boundaries of
dance and theatre on a small group of dancers, who will be coached by Bessie
Award-winning artist Molly Hickok; and 
*	Present an informal showing to culminate the experience that shares
how abstract movement and theatrical tools can meet and merge. 


The Pillow environment provides a professional retreat setting for
participating choreographers, directors, and dancers to reflect in the
presence of colleagues, collaborate in new ways, and receive feedback.
Through a full immersion in this work, each participant can expect a
transformation in his/her work and an unexpected expansion of what is
possible on his/her stage. 


Attendance at Festival performances and events, and time in the Pillow's
Archive, are part of the program.  Program fees of $1,200 for choreographers
and directors, and $800 for dancers/actors, includes tuition, room, board,
and entrance to all Festival events for the full seven days. Scholarship
support is available.


Choreographers and directors applying must be age 24 and older, with at
least two years experience of self-producing work. Dancers must have a
background, or interest, in performing works with strong theatrical
elements, and actors must have a background, or interest, in performing
works with a strong dance element. 


Initial recruitment is intended to reach choreographers and directors. We
will have more information to disseminate to dancers and actors at a later
time, though all are invited to inquire now. For more information or to
apply, visit our website at:
<http://www.jacobspillow.org/school/choreographers.asp> .  Applications are
due March 30, for which the application fee is $40. Applications can be
submitted after that date; note the application fee is $45. If there are
questions about the application process or what to submit, feel free to
contact me.


I will call in the next weeks to follow up on this and to hear whom you'd
recommend we contact directly.  We look forward to hearing from all


Thank you for your assistance.



Judith Ugelow Blak


Judith Ugelow Blak
Education Administrative Assistant
Jacob's Pillow 

Festival, School, Archives, Community Programs 
358 George Carter Road, Becket, MA 01223 U.S.A. 
T: 413.243.9919 (x30) 
F: 413.243.4744 
E: jblak at jacobspillow.org 
W:  <http://www.jacobspillow.org/> www.jacobspillow.org 


At Jacob's Pillow, our mission is to support dance creation, presentation,
education, and preservation; and to engage and deepen public appreciation
and support for dance.  The Pillow began as a family farm in the 1700s, and
was a station on the Underground Railroad in the 1800s. Legendary dancer and
choreographer Ted Shawn founded the dance center in 1933, making Jacob's
Pillow the longest running dance festival in the United States. During the
three-month Festival, over 150 performances by 45 companies from around the
world are presented, reaching 70,000 audience members. The 163-acre campus
includes three unique theaters, The School for professional development and
training, extensive and rare archives that are open to the public, and
community programs that serve the public year-round. For its cultural
leadership and prominence in American history, Jacob's Pillow was awarded
National Historic Landmark status in 2003.  In 2009 we celebrate the 77th
Jacob's Pillow Festival Season - please join us!    "J.R." Glover, Director
of Education, 1.413.243.9919, x16; jrglover at jacobspillow.org.

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