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Hi Barb--
can you send this out to the faculty advisors?  Thanks.

Course addition for spring quarter:  THAR 237 - Basic Stage Makeup  (1 
credit - lab)
This course will meet on T/Th 10:30 - 12:00 for the first 7 weeks of the 
quarter.  (The instructor leaves early for summer work.)  This time slot 
should be clear of required acting classes for juniors and seniors (sorry 
sophs) and is also potentially open for first years depending on their 
non-THAR courses!  Because we use the dressing room for a classroom, 
seating is limited.  Students will be required to purchase the basic Ben 
Nye kit in their skin tone - which most of the actors should have already 
from mainstage shows.

If there are additional questions, please contact Kjersten.  We hope your 
students will enjoy this course addition for their training.


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