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Another Opportunity to Study with CAT... 


M.A. in Applied Theatre 


This sequential, ensemble-based program is for students interested in the
use of theatre to address social and educational issues in a wide range of



For more
FwR_Hmw6tqTMUxvekAoiHdiFqjvUmcZhAA6BeiRhevNfrBQp3dA==> information, contact
Matt Freeman:







































































































































Spend your SUMMER studying with the  



For SUMMER 2009 COURSE registration information, please contact Matt Freeman
at 212-652-2820 or  <mailto:Matt.Freeman at mail.cuny.edu>
Matt.Freeman at mail.cuny.edu.


For Tuition and Fee information, click
P5s0uyveFXEg01rZnxEDf0dPCKXqoVKMY0kNRwuC068aklIFYZT3X2AeDgKWx> here.



Creating Meaning Through Community Drama: Making
0KYJ_fmzkIL1tM-w79lwOG-x-oeYLR4Vh8GsVBAaZ6carmpM-nVsLaXbTMMc=>  Theatre
Based on a Community's Own Stories

Instructor: Tony Goode (APTH 613) 

This course is designed to prepare students to devise and perform original
theatre based on a community's own stories.  They will gain a theoretical
and practical grounding in the study of community-based theatre processes
through which professional applied theatre practitioners work in, with and
for specific communities.  They will reapply the ideas and skills that are
explored to create an original piece of reminiscence theatre that draws on
the life-long experiences of older adults from a range of communities in New
York City. 


Tony Goode is an internationally recognized drama-in-education and community
arts specialist.  He is currently Program Leader of the M.A in Arts in
Social Contexts at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and a
visiting faculty member for the CUNY/SPS M.A. in Applied Theatre. 

Dates: June 29th through July 10th, 10am-5pm (no class on 7/4 or 7/5; study
day on 7/3)



World of the Teaching Artist

Instructor: Heather Lester (TACP60100)


This course is intended to prepare artists for teaching in formal and
informal settings.  Those who successfully complete the course will gain an
understanding of the important issues that face artists who are interested
to use their skills in the service of education. The course provides
would-be teaching artists with practical strategies such as defining
objectives, planning sessions, leading discussions, building partnerships
between artists and educators and maintaining productive learning
environments.  The course includes field trips and guest presenters,
offering students the opportunity to visit arts-in-education organizations
and gain a first-hand insight to the work of the professional teaching


Heather Lester is an experienced teaching artist and educational arts
administrator.  As a former program specialist with the NYC Center for Arts
Education she has extensive knowledge of the New York arts-in-education


Dates: July 13th through July 18th, 10am-5:30pm



Directing Devised Plays With Young People

Instructor: Helen White (YTCP60200) 


This hands-on course is designed to teach participants how to create and
direct original theatre with young people - using their ideas, their own
words and their creative energy!  The course will examine a range of
different approaches and frameworks, exploring the complex practical skills
of the facilitator-director and the theories that support them. 

Helen White is the award-winning director of the CAT Youth Theatre and a key
faculty member of the CUNY/SPS M.A. in Applied Theatre.  She is renowned for
her work as a director of group-created theatre processes and productions.


Dates: July 27th through August 1st, 10am-6pm

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