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> COLLEAGUES - CHECK THIS OUT!!!! Nicole Mitchell is one of the great  
> young voices in modern jazz - a rare opportunity to hear her and her  
> ensemble!  Please pass the word to friends!!!!
> Sincerely,
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> Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble
> Monday, April 27
> 12-2
> Front Room
> Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble (BEE) is a musical  
> celebration of the African American cultural legacy. Founded and  
> directed in 1998 by creative flutist/composer Nicole Mitchell, BEE  
> has performed in festivals and art venues throughout Europe and  
> Canada and in New York and Chicago.  BEE’s music embraces the  
> ancient past and paints visions of a positive future. The music is  
> the weaving of swing, blues, avante garde jazz, bebop, African  
> rhythms, Eastern modes and Western classical sounds. The name “Black  
> Earth” was chosen to honor the feminine source that our lives depend  
> on—Mother Earth.  The purpose of Black Earth Ensemble is to inspire  
> the human spirit with thought-provoking beauty and to present a  
> positive, healthy and culturally aware image of African Americans.    
> As a woman-directed, co-ed, multi-generational group, it touches a  
> range of emotional spaces rarely expressed in a “jazz” setting.   
> Black Earth's message is intended for audiences of all ages and  
> backgrounds.  The music of Black Earth is avant-garde jazz dipped in  
> blues, seasoned with R&B and simmering with soul.
> Musicians:
> Nicole Mitchell flutes
> David Boykin tenor sax
> David Young trumpet
> Junius Paul bass
> Marcus Evans drums

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