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Please read and share with all your faculty/staff who work with FERPA
related issues.






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Craig Cornell passed along this link
<http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2008/12/09/ferpa>  It outlines updated
FERPA Guidelines that were published today in the Federal Register.  The
changes in the guidelines are welcome as they allow us, within specified
bounds, to exercise our judgment in cases involving student health and

"[T]he department [of Education] will not substitute its judgment for that
of the agency or institution if, based on the information available at the
time of the determination there is a rational basis for the agency's or
institution's determination that a health or safety emergency exists and the
disclosure was made to appropriate parties,' the rules state.

At the same time, the rules do state that educational entities will be
required to 'record' the 'articulable and significant threat' to health and
safety that they believed justified waiving normal FERPA protections, and
that the leeway being granted is not 'blanket.' Such a record would need to
be maintained as long as the school or college maintained the student's
educational records. But while insisting on a record, the department states
that educators need the 'flexibility to act quickly and decisively when
emergencies arrive.'"

Please share this email with individuals in your units who work with FERPA. 





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