[Qualtrics-users] Using Qualtrics as an assessment tool

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According to this web page, you can use Qualtrics for assessments.


Here is some documentation from other school on how to construct a quiz with Qualtrics.

Blackboard assessments probably have an advantage if you are using the Blackboard Grade book.  If you administer a quiz in Qualtrics, you would need to manually enter grades in Blackboard.


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I develop eLearning for administrative staff. Typically this training is hosted on Blackboard since that has the cleanest implementation of Camtasia and Captivate that I use for this work.

Blackboard, however, has some quirks when it comes to using third-party tools for assessments. The reporting functions are wonky, with the SCORM attributes rather indifferently acknowledged.

I know that Qualtrics is a survey tool..but surveys are simply question-aggregation tools. They synthesize the data and report it. I wondered then if Qualtrics could be used as a quizzing/assessment tool with the ability to record that Bobby Bobcat scored 85% on an assessment given at the end at eLearning training for "Bobcat Cheer Recognition".

It may well be that, like Survey Monkey, this is just something Qualtrics is not designed to do..but it never hurts to ask.

Many thanks!


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