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Dustin Tyler dustin.tyler at ccsd.us
Sat Oct 27 10:50:29 EDT 2018

Going to the Balcony
- Action provokes reaction, reaction provokes counter-reaction, and it
never ends.
- Controlling your reactions
-  Seeing your position as a third party
-  Holding your truest interests close

Natural Reactions
1. Striking Back- Fuels the fire (damages long term relationships) (rarely
2. Giving In to their way: want to be done with it. (usually unsatisfactory
3. Breaking Off of the engagement: hasty reaction that is regretted later

Name the Game:
Stone Walls: Refusal to budge- "It's policy"
Attacks: Threaten to dire consequences
Tricks: Tactics to dupe you into giving in/ Manipulation

Take a Time Out
Don't Make Important Decisions on the spot
Don't Get Mad, Don't Get Even, Get what you want
- Name the game, time to think, get what you want
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