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Hi Everyone!

Greetings; I hope that Monday has begun in a positive manner and that the reminder of the week will be good for you.

I apologize, as I do not think that I am going to be able to send to you today, as proposed below, the evaluations of your submissions for the Constructivism Assignment.

You hopefully will receive them on Wednesday of this week.

Take care!!

Until then, Bill

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Subject: Greetings

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you are enjoying a pleasant weekend. The sun is shining in Portsmouth and the temperature reflects the fall season.

I am in the process of reviewing and reacting to the Cognitivism Learning Paper submissions that you have made.

You should have the evaluations by tomorrow, October 22. I apologize, as I was hoping to have them to you sooner. However, I have been bombarded with university responsibilities.

The due date for the Constructivism Learning Paper is also tomorrow, October 22. Please feel comfortable in submitting the paper any time between now and Monday, October 29.

In regards to the seminar, which is scheduled for Saturday, October 27, please be reminded of my request that you read Getting Past No, by William Ury in advance of the seminar. I doubt that the book will take you more than, if not less than, two hours to read.

Hope the remainder of Sunday is good for you.

Until then, Bill
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