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Hi Everyone!

Fall Semester Course:

·         Please be reminded that the first session for the fall semester is on Saturday, August 25. We will meet in the library at Waverly Junior High School beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending about 4:00 p.m. An hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half will be allocated for a lunch break.

·         The course, other than the internship, that you will be addressing is EDAD 6425, The Role of the Principal in Instruction. A primary focus of the course will be learning. You can grasp a significant understanding of the course by reviewing the contents of Chapter 2, Technical Core, Learning and Teaching of the Hoy and Miskel text. The course syllabus and assignments will be sent to you prior to the August 25th session.

Superintendent License Program:

·         A Superintendent License Program (SLP) cohort is scheduled to begin this fall semester. The program represents an excellent opportunity for you. You are encouraged to give the program careful consideration.

·         Some things that you might wish to know about the program are:

o   You are welcome to apply.

§  If you are interested in the program, please notify Robin and she will send you the application directions,  which involve the completion of just one form.

o   A total of 18 credit hours are involved with this three-semester program.

§  The fall semester involves one 4-semester hour course.

§  The spring semester involves one 4-semester hour course and one 4-hour internship.

§  The summer semester involves one 4-semester hour course and one 2-hour internship.

o   So you would be paying:

§  During the fall semester an extra $3138 (6 times $523) for the SLP.

§  During the spring semester an extra  $4184 (8 times $523) for the SLP.

§  During the summer semester an extra $3138 (6 times $523 for the SLP.

o   You also would be committing an additional 9 Saturdays for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

§  In other words, you would be generally committing, during the school year, two Saturdays per month, as opposed to one Saturday per month with the Principal Preparation Program.

o   So why would you bother to pursue the Superintendent License Program (SLP)?

§  You could have the coursework requirement for an Ohio superintendent license completed by the summer of 2019 and under the current tuition/fee rates which could/are likely to increase in the future.

o   What are the requirements for an Ohio superintendent's license?

§  To have worked for three years in a position requiring an Ohio principal's license or an Ohio administrative specialist license.

v  Ohio University does not offer an administrative specialist program, as there are far more administrative job opportunities for the holder of a principal's license.

§  To have passed the Educational Leadership (015) version of the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE), which is the same assessment that is needed for the obtainment of a principal's license.

§  To have completed an accredited program, which is the case for the SLP.

o   Is addressing both programs concurrently doable?

§  Yes; many of your principals and superintendents have addressed both programs at the same time.

o   If I do not want to become a superintendent, why would I choose to pursue the license?

§  First, you could change your mind in the future.

v  In my lengthy professional journey, I have learned to avoid saying "never," as it tends guarantee that I will do what I said that I would never do.

§  Second, once you have a superintendent's license you are eligible, according to the ODE, for most any administrative position in a district.

v  For example, an individual licensed for a secondary principalship would be eligible to be an elementary principal.

v  The only exceptions would be the position of business manager and treasurer for which there are separate licenses.

I have tried to address thoroughly the details and ramifications of the Superintendent License Program. If however you have questions, please share them with me.

Until then, Bill

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