[Ouretail] Internship in Columbus, OH with Pelotonia

Williams, Lisa willial6 at ohio.edu
Wed Jan 3 13:11:08 EST 2018

Hi Everyone,

A former RFPD graduate, Ally Hueber, is looking for a summer intern to work with her for Pelotonia in Columbus, OH this summer.  Please see information from her e-mail to me about Pelotonia and the internship opportunity.  Ally's contact information is at the bottom.

Lisa Williams

Ally's e-mail:

Pelotonia is a grassroots organization in that hosts a bike ride every year in which 100% of funds raised benefit The James Cancer Hospital at the OSU Wexner Medical Center.  You might be familiar with the event because the route used to end in Athens!

Anyways, I am reaching out because we are currently recruiting for our summer internship program for the summer of 2018, and I wanted to extend the opportunity to the students in the Retail Merchandising program!  Being a one-woman team supporting the entire merchandise business for Pelotonia, I will be in need of an intern next summer.  This internship will offer a well-rounded view of the retail industry.  There is a retail shop here at our HQ that this student would learn customer service and store management skills and visual merchandising (both in the store and at pop-up shops throughout the summer).  I'll introduce them to my weekly reporting process and how I analyze sales and inventory levels, and then from there how to make educated buying decisions.

The most rewarding thing in my role here at Pelotonia, is that while I am using my skillset and am still working in retail, I am able to work for an organization that is making a difference in the world, an organization that I'm passionate about.  I'd love the opportunity to show students a different and less conventional side of retail!  Attached is the application and the list of internship opportunities.  While I encourage your students to look at the other internship opportunities, I am specifically recruiting for the Merchandise Operations intern position.

Looking forward to hearing from you and some potential candidates!

Thank you,

Ally Hueber
Merchandise & Marketing Manager
351 W Nationwide Blvd
Columbus, OH 43215
O: 614-484-5211
C: 513-505-5049
THE SHOP<https://shoppelotonia.org/>
[Twitter]<https://twitter.com/pelotonia>  [fb] <http://www.facebook.com/pelotonia>   [Instagram] <http://www.instagram.com/pelotonia>

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