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Students in RFPD,
I sent out an email yesterday about fall internship opportunities with AmericasMart in Atlanta. Brie McConneghey has sent some updated information regarding this opportunity. Please see her email below for details.
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From: Brie McConneghey [mailto:BMcConneghey at americasmart.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 1:12 PM
To: Brie McConneghey


I sent an email out yesterday about the AmericasMart Fall 2015 Fashion Office Internship with the deadline to submit their resumes and cover letters. Please make sure that your students know all of the following before submitting their information to me:

  1.  You MUST be doing the internship for school credit.
  2.  You must be a junior or senior.
  3.  This is a full time, unpaid internship. Hours are M-F, 9-5 with the exception  of market weeks where you must work some weekends and longer hours) .
****Though weekends and extended hours are required for markets there is usually compensation for that time period) ****

  1.   The Fall internship will run through the second week in August - the fourth week of November.
  2.  Previous fashion and/or event experience is preferred but not required.
  3.  There is no housing included
  4.  You must travel to Atlanta to interview.

Again, the last day for your students to submit their resumes will be Monday, April 6th . We will be scheduling face-to -face  interviews the week of April 13th -17th .  This internship is a great opportunity for your students to gain hands on experience in the fashion industry.

Please have them email me directly with their resume and cover letter to set up an interview with the fashion director.

Thank You!

Brie McConneghey
Fashion Office
P. 404.220.2431 F. 678.686.5207
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