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RFPD students. Please see information (below and attached) about a study program in Italy. Ms. Price has participated in a tour of this institute; I encourage you to discuss any questions that you have about it with her.  The opportunity is in collaboration with West Virginia University.
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Subject: Italy 2011 Summer Program

Dear Students:

The time has come to begin making plan for summer 2011. I invite you to consider signing up for the West Virginia University Disegno Italia (Art & Design in Italy) summer 2011 study abroad program. Attached are two documents: one gives an overview of this 6-credit hour, month-long study abroad program; the other focuses on the course work.

Students spend the first two weeks in a Tuscan hill town near Florence, and during the second two weeks they explore Milan, the design capital of Italy. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture, see works of art/architecture in person, and observe design and merchandising through a different lens than our own. The program is geared to those who are rising sophomores or juniors and who have a 2.5 GPA or above.

We welcome students from majors other than Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Design who have some connection to art and design such as those in marketing, public relations, journalism, communication studies, plus of course, art/art history, graphic design, and landscape architecture. Dr. Ron Aman, Ronald.Aman at mail.wvu.edu<mailto:Ronald.Aman at mail.wvu.edu> Professor of Art Education, will be the 2011 WVU faculty leader. If there are enough students, Ms. Lee Mullett, an adjunct Professor of Interior Design, will be the second 2011 WVU faculty leader. International professors are the on-site instructors.

Please visit our Division of Design & Merchandising web site at www.design.wvu.edu<http://www.design.wvu.edu/> then click study abroad followed by Disegno Italia to locate the paper work that you will need to fill out and submit to the WVU Office of International Programs (OIP). If you are a student from another institution, you are welcome to join the program; you will need to register as a visiting student. Credit will be issued through WVU. We look forward to having you join the program.

Warm regards,

Nora MacDonald, Professor
Fashion Design and Merchandising
West Virginia University
704-F Allen Hall, P.O. Box 6124
Morgantown, WV 26506-6124
nmacdona at wvu.edu<mailto:nmacdona at wvu.edu>
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