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Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
Wed May 19 06:33:24 EDT 2010

Notice to graduating seniors:  Entry Level ETL (Executive Team Leader) 
position at TARGET...

others -- note Caitlin's accomplishments (described below) with Target 
since graduation 3 years ago...

Dr. P

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From: "Caitlin.DeSantis (T2159)" <Caitlin.DeSantis at target.com>
To: paulins at ohio.edu
Subject: Target Information

Hi Dr. Paulins,
I can't believe it has been almost 3 years since I graduated from OU with
my Retail Merchandising degree. I actually started with Target 2 days after
graduation in 2007 and I am currently running the Target store in Sandusky,
Ohio. It has been a busy few years, but also very rewarding.

I am writing because we currently have Executive Team Leader (ETL) position
openings in the Cleveland West market and I was hoping you could share this
with your graduating Seniors.

Our ETL position is an entry level assistant manager position and is what I
started as.

Target offers competitive pay, great benefits (including matching 100% up
to 5% of your salary towards 401k contributions) and is an overall
outstanding company to work for.  *
I am an example of a campus recruit who started right after school. I have
learned a lot about leadership and personal development. I am 25 years old
and am running a multi-million dollar store and a team of 100+ people.

If anyone is interested, please email your resume to
caitlin.desantis at target.com<mailto:caitlin.desantis at target.com>

Caitlin (Tobik) DeSantis

Caitlin DeSantis | STL | T2159 | *Target | 4020 Milan Road | Sandusky, Ohio
44870 | 419-609-3340 (ph) | 419-609-3340 (fax)

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