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Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
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Jackie Spray at Moochie and Company requested that I post the following:

Moochie & Co. Merchandising Internship

We at Moochie & Co. believe that every pet is a family member. Big or 
small, feline or canine, furry or hairless, we are dedicated to finding the 
best products to enhance their lives! Whether it's a stylish tank or collar 
to show of their personality, a luxurious, comfortable bed, a new squeaky 
toy or yummy treat, we want our customers to have only the best for their 

Want to team up with us? We'd love to have you here! Here are some things 
to keep in mind before you apply for our unpaid internship. Moochie & Co. 
has a small home office located in Worthington, Ohio. Being the size that 
we are will give you the opportunity to experience situations that you 
would never encounter with a larger company! For instance, not only will 
you interact with the CEO and Founder on a daily basis, you will also learn 
the Merchandising role from a broader perspective, helping you to become a 
better Buyer and professional business associate.

-	Learn the daily responsibilities of the Buyer, including working with 
vendors, writing purchase orders, receiving merchandise and distributing 
merchandise into the stores.
-	Research trends, current news and events within the pet industry.
-	Pull reports, tracking daily sales and processing data to know what we 
need to buy or mark down at a store level.
-	Assist with ordering, receiving and distributing special orders from the 
-	Assist with creation and organization of monthly window displays and 
visual merchandising.
-	Process damages and discrepancies, making sure inventory is correct and 
working with vendors to make sure credit is assessed.
-	Update our website's monthly marketing, Facebook and Twitter accounts 
with relevant information, making sure our customers stay up to date with 
Moochie news.
-	Attend meetings with vendors to view new products and discuss merchandise.

-	Must possess a passion for pets
-	An interest in merchandising and an eagerness to learn
-	Strong analytical skills
-	Excellent communication skills
-	Must be a self starter
-	Professional attire and attitude – no surfing the internet, texting or 
getting on Facebook during your time here unless it is work related!

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to Jackie Spray, 
jspray at moochieandco.com

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