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Subject: Disegno Italia Summer Program

Dear Ann,
Would you pass the following information on to your students in regard to
the summer 2010 Disegno Italia program. It is written directly to the
students so you can cut and paste. We will figure out at a later date how
to handle the orientation information for the OU students to go over flight
arrangements, NABA Course Selection, cultural and educational differences,
packing, etc. as soon as we have a more complete list of student
Many thanks,

Dear Ohio University Student,

We welcome you to apply for the 2010 Disegno Italia summer program. You may
link to the information page for the program by going to the following site
http://designabroad.wvu.edu/disegno_italia . This 6-credit, 4-week program
begins with departure on July 3rd, returning on July 23rd. You may scroll
down to the bottom of the page and access the "Program Information Packet."
Once you are on the Office of International Programs site, click on
"Faculty Led Programs." This leads to information you need for application
to the program.

The "Summer Program 2010 Courses" link will provide you with more
information about the NABA courses conducted during the second two weeks in
Milan, including the course description and pre-requisites. We welcome
students from a variety of majors with an interest in art, design, and
business from a broad perspective. Because of this there will be students
from different majors in the NABA courses and each of you will add a
different perspective to the course content, not unlike the world after

I encourage you to apply as soon as possible as acceptance is on a
first-come, first served basis. A couple of applications already have been
received. Please note that the paper work goes through the West Virginia
University OIP. The OIP address is listed on the bottom of the Academic
Reference Form. The OIP staff is acquainted with all of the paper work and
resources involved in the process. Students from Ohio University apply to
WVU as "visiting students" and then apply through OU to transfer the WVU
credits back to your home institution.

I encourage you to begin the application process now and hope to share my
love of Italy with you this summer.

Best regards,
Professor Nora MacDonald
Fashion Design & Merchandising
West Virginia University

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