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Hello Dr. P –

I had some e-mails about the internship opportunity with Sea Pines; I
wanted to send out another e-mail to clear a few things up – if you could
pass this along J

-          We understand that this internship start date (May) conflicts
with the quarter systems at OU, I only suggested spring quarter interns
because I did not know if professors would be willing to accommodate the
time frame. If that is the case, then, please by all means, send in

-          It is a paid internship; and we receive checks bi-weekly.

-          There is housing provided at a discounted rate; when I interned
this past summer it was $100/week – which is taken directly out of your
paycheck so you never actually have to write a check to anyone. It is a
very nice condo/complex that is furnished (you would only need to bring bed
linens) and you would share the apartment with 2-3 girls. Where I stayed
was called SummerHouse, you can find it at www.summerhousehiltonhead.com,
It is located on island, and you would need a car down here. Transportation
can be provided, but the work schedule is not always consistent so I would
highly recommend a vehicle down here. Home and work are about 10-15 minutes
from the beach.

-          The shops you would be working in are as follows: 2 pro golf
shops, 1 beach shop (literally on the beach!) and 1 racquet club shop.

-          This is more or less a retail coordinator internship: students
will have the options of sitting in on buying meetings with our vendors
such as Ralph Lauren Golf, Adidas, Nike, Oxford, Fairway & Greene, etc.
They will also get to help merchandise the shops, create visual displays,
help conduct inventories each month; there will always be some typical
'behind the counter' work where they will check in golfers, ring up
customers, help with basic day-to-day store needs. As any internship goes,
the more experience and the pace at which each student learns will have
some factor in any other responsibilities we feel we can pass on.

The only thing "golf" about this internship is that we sell golf
merchandise; all the retailing skills and techniques the students are
learning now apply to this field.  Like any job, you will become more
familiar with the golf/resort terms, brands, means of merchandising, etc.
Hope this answers any questions the students have!

Thanks so much Dr. P!

Karaline Quellhorst

Retail Coordinator

The Sea Pines Resort

32 Greenwood Drive

Hilton Head, SC 29928

Phone: 843-363-8389

Fax: 843-363-8372

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