[Ouretail] Fall internship 09 (fwd)

Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
Tue Aug 18 10:17:28 EDT 2009

This is at the Atlanta Apparel Mart (AmericasMart) - it is unpaid, but an 
excellent experience!

Please let me know if you are thinking about applying for THIS FALL!!!!

Dr. P

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Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 10:10 AM -0400
From: Amy Herriot <aherriot at americasmart.com>
To: paulins at ohio.edu
Subject: Fall internship 09

I had a student cancel for her fall internship.  You wouldn't have anyone
available would you?

It would be the day after Labor Day til the 2nd week in November.


Amy Herriot

Fashion Director/Apparel Tradeshows

direct 404-220-2833

fax 678-686-5207

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