[Ouretail] Help write and put together the first Fashion Forum Newsletter of the year!

Rika Nurrahmah rn337307 at ohio.edu
Mon Sep 22 12:12:51 EDT 2008

Hey all,

First off, I greatly apologize for my lack of presence at the meetings due to a
night class that greatly conflicts it. 

However, I'd like to have a separate meeting about setting up the newsletter.
It'll be very short, and we'll talk about who writes what. I'll also discuss
about a new, more exciting layout that I will be working on very soon. Think
Womens Wear Daily...

I'd like to meet at the Front Room around 7:30. If you can't make it, no
problem. Just message me and we'll work something out. This meeting will
basically explain the layout, sections that'll remain consistent for every
newsletter, and what we'll fill in the blank spots with. 
I want to release a newsletter twice every quarter, one at the beginning and one
at the end. One down, one more to go. So this is something that no one (except
me) should stress out about. And pieces are usually 400 words max. 

Recap: Front Room, 7:30 pm, short meeting, and some fun. I might bring a box of
pizza, so help me finish that as well!

Rika Nurrahmah
editor-in-chief of Fashion Forum

rn337307 at ohio.edu

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