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Wed Oct 22 15:06:32 EDT 2008

Hello, Everyone,

Hope Fall quarter is going well for you.  With the fall quarter coming to 
the end, winter quarter registration is on the way.  While you are working 
on your course plan for next year,  I would like to introduce the "Retail 
Merchandising in China" study abroad program for the coming Summer.

This program is offered by the Retail Merchandising program through the 
Education Abroad Office.  It is a 2 week program for 4 credit hours. You 
can use this program to replace any one of the following courses: HCRM399A, 
HCRM405A or HCRM407.

The main objective for this program is to offer our students an opportunity
•	to explore the Textiles, Apparel and Retail industry in China, one of 
the leading trading partners of the U.S., and
•	to experience the influence of cultural difference on international 
To fulfill this objective, we will visit factories, local and international 
retailers, international companies' offices, and museums while in China. 
We will also have opportunities to explore Chinese culture through culture 
activities (such as watching acrobatic show, Gongfu show and history show), 
visiting sites of attractions(such as the Bird Nest Olympic Stadium, the 
Great Wall, the Tiananmen Square, etc), and interaction with students from 
Chinese universities.

This past summer, we had our first trip to China.  The following link is a 
report of this trip.  (Suggest to use Internet Explorer to open this link. 
If you use Firefox, only part of the page will be shown.)


This trip was such a great success that we would like to offer this program 
again in Summer, 2009 (tentatively from June 15 to June 28).  The 2009 
program will be very similar to the program of the past summer.  However, 
in addition to Beijing, Shanghai and their suburban areas, we will spend 2 
days to explore Hongkong.

The cost of the program includes 4-hour OU tuition  and a Program fee of 
around $3,500 which includes airline tickets, local transportation and 
majority of the mealsin China, and the program fee for the field trip.  You 
are suggested to bring some extra money for your own spending and for 
incidental expenses.

The deadline for application is Jan. 23, 2009.  We are planning to take 15 
students with us for this trip.  So, seats are limited.  If you are 
interested, please let either of us know.  The official online application 
will be available through the Education Abroad Office's website very soon.

Thanks for your attention.  If you have any questions or need further 
information, please feel free to contact us.

Dr. Yingjiao Xu: 	xuy at ohiou.edu , 593-2887
Dr. Sky Cone: 	cone at ohiou.edu , 593-2886

Yingjiao Xu, Assoc. Professor
School of Human and Consumer Sciences
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
Tel: 740-593-2887
Fax: 740-593-0289

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