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Thu Oct 16 14:11:11 EDT 2008

Retail Majors!

As the president of the Professional Retail Leaders I would like to take some 
time to tell you all a little more about our organization. PRL is an 
organization within the Retail Merchandising Major. The purpose of PRL is to 
educate and inform future and present retail merchandising majors, help to 
organize information sessions, workshops, and other events for retailers 
coming to campus to recruit, help organize events inside school of retail, 
create additional Alumni relations, outreach to local retailers, improve 
communication with faculty and students, and host various fund-raisers 
throughout the school year.

To be eligible for membership in PRL you must meet the following criteria:
-Retail Merchandising major with junior or senior status
-A minimum of a 3.2 GPA within the Retail Merchandising major
-Demonstrate professional attitudes and behavior

We will be recruiting this Spring for next years new members, so be ready. 
When applying you must submit your resume, and breif letter of intent to Dr. 
Xu, our faculty advisor.

More detailed information about recruitment will be sent out on the listserve 
as the time approaches. 

As of now PRL consists of a lot of seniors, so we need new faces to keep our 
organization going strong!

Thank you all for your time and interest!

Ellen Board and the Women of PRL

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