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Mon Oct 13 10:06:35 EDT 2008

Dear all,

The Retail Merchandising program is committed to offering our students 
outside-of-classroom experience through study tours.   The following 
programs are in our plan for the coming few years.   If you are interested 
in participating any of the tours in the coming 2-3 years,please send an 
email to Ms. Michelle Price at pricej1 at ohiou.edu . Sending the email 
indicating your interest in these programs will not put you under any 
obligation to actually participate in the programs.   But knowing your 
interests in these programs can greatly help us strategize our plan.

Domestic Study Tours:
•	New York Study Tour
	Time:	 	Spring quarter
	Duration:	 	4-5 days
	Cost: 		around $800-$1,000
		Ø	Visit fashion wholesale & buying offices & showrooms
		Ø	Interact with professionals & Alumni from major retail companies
	Credit Hours:	2
•	Las Vegas Study Tour
	Time:	 	Spring quarter or Fall quarter
	Duration:	 	4-5 days
	Cost: 		around $800 -$1,000
		Ø	Attend the MAGIC trade show and observe the buyers buying practice
		Ø	Attend preshow seminars
		Ø	Interact and network with vendors
	Credit Hours:  2

•	Study Abroad in China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing)
	Time:		Mid June to the end of June
	Duration: 	2 weeks
	Cost: 		around $3,500 (including airfare, meals , lodging, and admission 
to attraction sites)
		Ø	appointments with factories, international company's 
offices,retailers, and universities
		Ø	shopping opportunities
		Ø	Cultural activities
		Ø	site viewing (The Great Wall, Forbidden city, etc.)
	Credit hours: 	4 hours (HCRM407, HCRM405A or HCRM399A)

We would like to hear from you by the end of this quarter. Thank you in 
advance for your input.

Dr. Xu

Yingjiao Xu, Assoc. Professor
School of Human and Consumer Sciences
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
Tel: 740-593-2887
Fax: 740-593-0289

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