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OCEES Announcements

1)      Ecolunch - Eileen Wyza - Space Use and Activity Patterns of the Fosa (Cryptoprocta ferox) in a Human Influenced Landscape 11:50 on Wednesday, 12 September in Irvine 159

2)      Special Seminar, ,  Dr. Kristina Douglas, Pennsylvania State University - Integrating archaeology and Conservation in Southwest Madagascar 10:00 on Friday 14 September in Irvine 199 (please see attached flyer).

3)      Pizza lunch for graduate students with Dr. Kristina Douglas, 12:00-13:15 on Friday 14 September in LSB Room 103.

4)      Reception for faculty and students with Dr. Kristina Douglas, 14:00-16:00 on Friday 14 September in LSB 103.

5)      We have received two new logo entries for OCEES and we are hoping for more. The logo contest is open to anyone in the OCEES community; faculty, graduate and undergraduate students (please pass this on students or announce in your classes). We are incentivizing with a $200 cash reward for students (help pay for fees) or a $200 research supplies allotment for faculty. So get your artist mojo going and send in your best creative endeavors! Submit your logo by 30 September to roosenbu at ohio.edu<mailto:roosenbu at ohio.edu> as a tiff file or very high res jpg. OCEES will collectively vote for the best logo. Here are some features that will be important; must show up well in small size (think letterhead or in a presentation), capture the breadth of disciplines in OCEES, and should be compelling.

Willem M Roosenburg

President, Herpetologists' League
Director, Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies
Department of Biological Sciences
247 Life Sciences Building
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701

Office: 740.593.9669
Mobile: 740.503.4983
FAX: 740.593.0300


"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
-- Gandalf, Fellowship of the Ring

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without loss of
--Sir Winston Churchill

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