[Ocees] Animal Systematics (BIOS 4570/5570) is now Systematic Biology (4600X/5600X)

Kuchta, Shawn kuchta at ohio.edu
Mon Nov 5 08:21:06 EST 2018

Howdy Folks,

There has been some confusion regarding the systematics course this spring. BIOS 4570/5570 Animal Systematics was listed for a few days in the OU course catalogue, with  permission required to register.  This was a mistake of unknown origin, and this course has now been removed.  In its place is BIOS 4600X/5600X Biological Systematics. This course is the same as the old Animal Systematics course (though I add new content every year). I had to create this experimental course to change the “Discussion" to “Labs”, because I was using that time for labs anyway. In addition, the new course name reflects that fact that this is a course in phylogenetic biology, not taxonomy.  This is the only course in the EEB group in BIOS that is aimed primarily at graduate students, and I work hard to make the course relevant for graduate students in all disciplines.  Attached is a flier about the course.


Shawn Kuchta, Associate Professor
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Ohio University
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