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Interesting summer course opportunity at Highlands Biological Station with Dr. Bill Peterman, OSU

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Subject: Summer Course: Landscape Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians.

Dear Colleague,
I'll be teaching a 2-week course at Highlands Biological Station<http://highlandsbiological.org/> this summer (15–27 May): Landscape Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians.

This will be geared toward advanced undergrads or beginning graduate students, and will provide a broad overview of amphibian ecology, conservation, and landscape ecology. A more detailed description can be found below. If you have any students in your classes or labs that would find this interesting, please encourage them to enroll!

Description: Amphibians are among the most imperiled taxa globally, with habitat loss and degradation posing the greatest threats. Landscape ecology and conservation biology provide an appropriate lens to address these threats. This course will provide an overview of landscape ecology and conservation biology principles as they pertain to amphibian ecology and life history. Students will gain an understanding of course topics through lecture, discussion of primary literature, as well as hands-on exercises and field excursions. Students will also obtain a basic understanding of GIS technologies through lab exercises. There will be an emphasis on the salamander diversity of the Southern Appalachians and their habitats throughout the course.
Discussion Topics
Overview of amphibian ecology
Conservation and management of amphibians
Migration and dispersal patterns of amphibians
Spatially structured populations: metatpopulation and source-sink dynamics
Technology and landscape ecology
Habitat fragmentation
Habitat connectivity
Habitat configuration
Overview of landscape ecology
Spatial heterogeneity and scale
Applied environmental and conservation issues in landscape ecology

What to expect: The first days of class will be spent having discussions on the covered topics and literature. Students will be expected to have read all papers prior to class and to contribute to discussions. Field trips will occur most afternoons (unless a nighttime trip is planned). When needed, students will be expected to do readings/computer exercises, data entry, and data analysis in the afternoons/evenings. The instructor will be available during these times. There is a lot to learn, see, and explore in a short period of time. We’re going to make the most of our time, and have fun doing it!

Bill Peterman
Assistant Professor
School of Environment and Natural Resources
The Ohio State University
2021 Coffey Road
Columbus, OH 43210-1085
Phone: 614.292.9795
Web Page<https://goo.gl/4Gc15W>
Terrestrial Wildlife Ecology Lab<http://www.twel.osu.edu>

Bill Peterman
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