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Dear All,

Attached is a flyer that reflects an initiative by Geoff Buckley, Bernhard Debatin, Michele Morrone, Ted Bernard and I.  The goal was to start a student organization willing to take political initiative to argue and campaign for environmental issues and perhaps ultimately candidates. The student lead organizer is Tess Herman , a MSES graduate student and she is ready to take the initiative to the group's first open public forum.  The flyer has the details, if you are interested in participating please do, if not please announce to your classes.  Everyone is welcome to attend this introductory meeting.

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Subject: Re: Student Engagement in Environmental Issues Group

Hello Environmental Student Engagement Alliance!

We are inviting any environmental and community action student groups to get together on Wednesday, March 1st, at 7:30pm in Glidden Hall 476.  We plan on doing this at least once a semester so that group leaders and members can connect and collaborate.  This will also be a time that groups can tell students what their goals are and students can hear opportunities about how get involved with your group!

Please feel free to invite any students, or community members that you think may be interested in joining.  I have attached the flyer for the even to this email, print it or pass it along if you would like!  We cannot wait to meet you all and hear about what your group does on campus.

Thank you,

Tess Herman

M.S. Candidate, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

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