[Itech] Congratulations ! Yang Lai and Xinyue Ren.

Thankachan, Briju bt284107 at ohio.edu
Fri Sep 14 16:33:00 EDT 2018

Ohio University Instructional technology graduate students  Yang Lai  and Xinyue Ren have been selected to present their instructional design solution at  2018 AECT international convention<https://aect.org/2018_aect_international_conven.php> in  Kansas City, MO.   Click here<https://mms.aect.org/members/project_content.php?content_id=428601&org_id=AECT> to learn more about the design competition.

Congratulations ! Yang Lai  and Xinyue Ren.

Briju Thankachan, Ph.D.
President Elect - International Division, AECT
Adjunct Faculty (Instructional Technology, Patton College of Education)
Director, Curriculum and Assessment Design and Improvement

Grosvenor 408
Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
(740) 593-2190
thankach at ohio.edu<mailto:thankach at ohio.edu>
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