[Itech] Helping an incoming student with a questionnaire from their funding agency

Strycker, Jesse strycker at ohio.edu
Tue Mar 28 00:44:56 EDT 2017

Greetings ITers,

 I hope this message finds you well. I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me with helping an incoming student. The student's funding agency has requested a brief questionnaire be filled out by current Instructional Technologists to help them understand the profession/field and determine the value of their investment in paying for classes. I would appreciate the help of a few of you in filling out this brief questionnaire. I am attaching a Word doc version of the questionnaire as well as copying the text of the questionnaire in this message to provide two ways to complete it. If you're able to help, please only reply to me with your responses so that we don't inundate the mailing list with messages. It is a very short turnaround, but if you could please have any responses to me by Thursday, March 30th it would be great appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration in helping this incoming student.

Informational Interview Questionnaire
Answer all sentences using complete sentences.
Date: ___________
Name of Person Interviewed: ____________________________________
Position: _______________________   Company: ____________________

1.      How did you get started in this field?

2.      What are your duties in a typical day?

3.      What are the educational or training requirements?

4.      What are the challenges you face in your job?

5.      What skills and abilities are needed to do this type of work?

6.      What is the salary range for entry-level positions?

7.      Do you see a demand for this occupation or future changes taking place in the field? Please explain.

8.      Do you have any suggestions, recommendations, or advice to offer me concerning this occupation?



Dr. Strycker

Jesse Strycker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Department of Educational Studies
Patton College of Education

Ohio University

Office: McCracken Hall 302J

Office Phone: 740-597-3373
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