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Kessler, Greg kessler at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 17 18:48:55 EST 2017

Dear students,

Please consider presenting in this research expo. We have had a number of our students win this in the past. There a financial award as well.


Associate Professor
Department of Linguistics, College of Arts & Sciences
017D Gordy Hall
Instructional Technology Program, Department of Educational Studies, Patton College of Education
302L McCracken Hall
Ohio University
Consulting: http://gregkesslerphd.com/

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Subject: Fw: Student Expo Registration Now Open
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Interested in participating in student expo - here is your chance.

Please see the information below - you can sign up to be a judge.

I hope everyone participates.


Krisanna Machtmes, Ph.D.
Chair of Educational Studies
Associate Professor, Research Methods
Patton College of Education
Ohio University
302W McCracken Hall
740.597.1323 (office)
machtmes at ohio.edu<mailto:machtmes at ohio.edu>
@machtm - twitter

From: Male'-Brune, Roxanne
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 3:14 PM
To: Male'-Brune, Roxanne
Subject: Student Expo Registration Now Open

Dear chairs/directors/department admin/associate deans for research:

Please remind your constituents that registration for the Student Expo opens midnight tonight and closes Feb. 28 at 11:59:59.

Faculty, staff and postdocs should email male-bru at ohio.edu<mailto:male-bru at ohio.edu> if they are interested in being a judge.

Calendar strips are in campus mail, please pass them out to your faculty and staff.

Towards the close of registration, I will be in touch with updates re: numbers of students registered from your departments.



Note: Registration will be capped at 800 presenters.

This year’s Expo will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Thursday, April 6, at the Convocation Center.

The annual event attracts more than 750 student presenters from dozens of disciplines. More than 2,000 students, faculty, staff, community members and local middle school and high school students attend to learn more about how Ohio University students are engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity.

Who can participate? Participation is open to all undergraduate, graduate and medical students, as well as postdoctoral fellows, on the Athens and regional campuses.

What can be presented? Posters, exhibits, performances, film screenings and other presentation formats are welcome.

Are students eligible for awards? Awards will be given for the best presentations in each category: $200 (1st prize) and $100 (2nd prize). Categories are limited to no more than 12 presentations and assigned by discipline. For sessions with undergraduate and post-degree students, judges may elect to give two 1st prizes (one each for an undergraduate and a post-degree student). In this case a 2nd place prize will not be awarded. In addition, several sponsors will offer special award categories.

Who sponsors the event? The Student Expo is sponsored by the Office of the Research Division, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Office of the President and the University Libraries.
More information about the event is available at www.ohio.edu/studentexpo<http://www.ohio.edu/studentexpo>.

Roxanne Male’-Brune, PhD
Director, Grant Development and Special Projects

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