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Greetings ITers,

  I hope this message finds you well. As you may or may not know, the Ohio University Educational Technology Conference (formerly Playful Learning) deadline for proposals is fast approaching.  I hope you'll consider submitting a presentation proposal. As a graduate student, presenting at my program's local conference was always an enriching experience since it gave me a chance to share my interests and work with colleagues in a supportive setting as well as giving me valuable practice for state, regional, and national conferences in the future.

 If you're a new or newer graduate student you may not feel that you have a lot to say or share yet, but even early ideas can be interesting to present as the audience might have clarifying thoughts that could help you move forward in your thinking or you may find a collaborator for a future project. For example, the very first presentation I did at my program's student conference focused on the discrepancies in different definitions and acronyms in virtual environments/worlds research and how that made it challenging to do work in that area. I had a few attendees to the session and we had a great discussion.
Do you have any areas or ideas you're exploring? You might have the start of a proposal...

 Have you defended your dissertation? Are you getting ready to? Are you currently collecting or examining your dissertation data? You've got a lot of material to work with, any of which may make a good presentation topic. When it comes to your dissertation, presenting on it can only help in the future.

 Do you have a class project that you completed where you had to do something unique such as a community outreach component? You might consider presenting about your project, the impact in the community, and the lessons you've learned.

 Perhaps you're already working as an instructional technologist, you might connect with others doing the same job and propose a panel where you talk about your job duties and what a typical week in the life of an instructional technologist looks like.

 Just a couple of ideas to hopefully show that there are lots of great potential conference presentations out there, you just need to submit a proposal (information for how to do so can be found below).


Dr. Strycker

The Instructional Technology Scholars Association (ITSA) would like to invite you to the Ohio University Educational Technology Conference, which will take place on Saturday, April 8.

Formerly known as the Playful Learning Conference, the event seeks to connect educators who share a passion for engaging classroom practices via design, research, and technology.

This year’s theme is “An Innovation Adventure” and welcomes proposals considering overlaps and/or connections within the areas of education, technology, and innovation, from all disciplines and educational levels.
The deadline for proposals is February 28.
The event will take place in the newly renovated McCracken Hall and is free to attend.

Visit the Ohio University Educational Technology Conference website<http://www.edtechconference.org/> to:-
1. Register<http://www.edtechconference.org/registration/>,
2. Submit a proposal<http://www.edtechconference.org/call-for-proposals/> or
3. Find out more information<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeoWRcpX9lTueuE3HTrIoY9gd2dWSgKu4Ca0F0Af7884UjshQ/viewform?c=0&w=1>.

We look forward to seeing you there!
President: Tracy Robinson  (tr573013 at ohio.edu<mailto:tr573013 at ohio.edu>)
Patron: Dr. Greg Kessler (Kessler at ohio.edu<mailto:Kessler at ohio.edu>)


Jesse Strycker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology

Department of Educational Studies
Patton College of Education

Ohio University

Office: McCracken Hall 302J

Office Phone: 740-597-3373
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