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Tracy Robinson jtracyrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 19:02:45 EDT 2016

Dear ITSA Community,

This is a reminder about the upcoming ITSA General Membership meeting
scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, April 24, 2016 at 1:00 pm -2:00 pm in
Tupper Hall 102.  We are serving lunch and refreshments.  Find more about
our invited guests from TutorGen.  We look forward to seeing you.

ITSA is honored to host two guest speakers from the company TutorGen.

* Company Description:*
TutorGen is an adaptive learning company that is building platform agnostic
software that help learners, teachers, administrators and publishers.
TutorGen uses existing content developed by subject matter experts and
adapts to learners using big data and machine learning. Using our research
backed proprietary software, learners get the problems and content in the
order that they need it, teachers understand where each learner and
class(es) are against problems, Administration know where they need to
support their teachers, and finally publishers get the data they have
always needed to make learning ordered in the most e...ffective and
efficient way possible. TutorGen’s learning software can be used on almost
any content, in any connected system.

TutorGen is an ed-tech startup, located in northern Kentucky, and has
received 3 NSF SBIR Grants. We are connected in the academic, governmental
and private sector addressing knowledge acquisition and competency gain of
learners at any age.

* Who we are:*
Dr. John Stamper is the CEO and Founder of TutorGen and is a member of the
faculty at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon
University. He is also the Technical Director of the Pittsburgh Science of
Learning Center DataShop. His background information can be found here:

Adam Helbig is the Director of Business Development and Operations and is
focused on all levels of education. Currently, he is a member of the
Northern Kentucky Education Council, part time instructor at Ohio
University and a consultant for education focused non-profits. He cofounded
an education startup and has spent time in past 15 years the prek-12,
higher-ed and corporate education.

What your members can expect:
We would want to have an active discussion with your members about their
interests in instructional technology. We love talking about data, the use
of data in education and challenges in the current environment. We can also
talk about starting an ed-tech startup, the education community and what we
see is needed. Finally, we are open to any questions that your members may
have around education and instructional technology.

Warmest Regards,
Tracy Robinson
ITSA President
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