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Hello Graduates,

I know some of you have been working on projects in this area and might be
interested in finding a place for your publications.

Best wishes,
Dr. Franklin

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Subject: An extra special - special issue - on digital media learning:
game-based design and analytics
To: David Gibson <david.c.gibson at curtin.edu.au>


I’d like to invite you to join me in a creating decidedly different special
issue of a journal which does NOT require you to write a research article.
I’m looking for thought provoking short reflective pieces from a wide range
of researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and gamers that answer the
following questions:

*Given what you’ve seen arising in research and practice in digital media,
performance, and decision support and based on your own research as well as
that of others, what are the key areas of research and development that
excite you?*

*What interests you about these areas in terms of the potential benefits to
learners, teachers and the practice of education?*

*What new or additional research and development is needed next to help
push the field forward in these areas?*

*How do you think the new advances will influence game-inspired digital
learning experiences (design, learning, research) in the near future?*

*You can throw caution to the wind, or if that is impossible, then what
should the field be cautious about in relation to your thoughts about the
near future?*

I’m interested in first-person pieces that will read more like interviews
than ‘articles or chapters’ - and I hope you can spend a few minutes to pen
me an improvised masterpiece (2 to 4 pages by Dec 1). I hope you will paint
a picture of the "adjacent possible" future based on your recent thinking,
solid hints from basic research in your field, and on feasible research
programs that could be undertaken today if funding and time were made

If you know of someone who you think should be included in such
reflections, feel free to share this with him or her. Please send to one or
two colleagues and mentors in your personal network.

Here is the web site of the project – deadline for initial thoughts: Dec 1.
Initial thoughts may also be your final draft (hehe).


*Thanks and I hope you’ll join me in this project.*

David Gibson
david.c.gibson at curtin.edu.au


"A teacher affects eternity; [she]he can never tell where the influence
stops." - Henry Adams

Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor Emerita, Educational Studies-Instructional Technology
Fulbright Research Scholar to Turkey 2013-14
Department of Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
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