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Hi Graduates,

This may be very useful in your research or classroom!

Happy Summer!
Dr. Franklin

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  *Free Video Chat & Conferencing Tools and How to Use Them Like a Boss *

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Tips and Resources for Using Free Video Conferencing Tools in Your Classroom

Video conferencing and chat tools can be a wonderful instructional
resource, as most educators know. You can bring the outside world and
guests into your classroom, enable a sick or disabled student to present
from home and interact with the class, get to know online students better
and have more constructive conversations than voice alone permits. The
possibilities are endless!

As I am putting the final touches on the 2015 update to The Free Education
Technology Resources eBook *(which will be made available this week!)*, and
I've added a chapter focused on free video conferencing and chat tools. In
today's post, I share these tools and resources ...
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*"A teacher affects eternity; [she]he can never tell where the influence
stops." - Henry Adams*Dr. Teresa Franklin
Director, The OHIO Group
Professor, Instructional Technology
Fulbright Research Scholar to Turkey 2013-14
Department of Educational Studies
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
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