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Hello Graduates,

I thought those of you in the K-12 system or working with K-12 may be
interested in this.  There is a new interest in computer coding in high
schools.  If you are interested, you may want to join this organization.
(Wow...this is like 'back to the future'...this is how I started my
technology career -- high school computer science teacher!)  :)

Best wishes,
Dr. Franklin

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   CSTA is excited to share our support of an important new initiative
driven by Google.  Education of our CS teachers and their students is our
number one priority.  Technology is such an important part of our lives
today and we know that the future of our children will rely on their
ability to adapt and learn to keep up with this quickly changing world of

 As you know, Computer Science and coding are quickly becoming the new
literacy - It gives you great power to create, to innovate, and quite
literally change the world - but surprisingly few girls (<1% of high school
girls) see Computer Science as part of their future. Girls simply don’t
think coding is cool and they don’t connect it with things they are
interested in.

 Google is launching a social initiative, called Made with Code, to create
a coding culture for girls based on creativity and making.  Made with Code
will strive to inspiring millions of girls to experience the power of code.
 The goal is to demonstrate how coding can help them to pursue, and reach,
their dreams. Made with Code will encourage girls to write their own future
and show them that it can take them anywhere!

 By officially becoming supporters of Made with Code, we are joining a
coalition to empower girls to pursue every opportunity available to them.
For more information about this initiative, visit www.MadeWithCode.com
or experience the conversation first-hand on the Made with Code Twitter
Google+ <https://plus.google.com/118292958470563926500/about>, YouTube
<https://www.youtube.com/user/madewithcode>, and Tumblr

The Made with Code pages will feature stories of women and girl coders who
are creating a diverse array of projects with code, as well as introductory
coding projects that can help build girls’ confidence and show them they can
code.  We are looking forward to supporting Made with Code and encourage
you to join us in this important initiative and share in the education of
our children.

 Best wishes,

 Lissa Clayborn
Acting Executive Director, CSTA


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