[Itech] EDCT 6052 will replace EDRE 5010

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Wed Jul 9 10:22:26 EDT 2014

Hello Graduates,

EDRE 5010 Section 103 Class #4350 for Fall Semester AY 2014-15 is being
canceled and students are advised to enroll in Dr. Teresa Franklin's EDCT
6052 Section 100 Class #13639.

Please contact Dr Franklin (franklit at ohio.edu) or me (swartzm at ohio.edu) if
you have any questions about the EDCT 6052 course as the substitute.

Thank you.
Marlene Swartz, Administrative Associate, Department of Educational Studies


*"A teacher affects eternity; [she]he can never tell where the influence
stops." - Henry Adams *Dr. Teresa Franklin
Professor, Educational Studies/Instructional Technology
Fulbright Research Scholar to Turkey 2013-14
The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
740-593-4561 (office)
740-541-8847 (cell)
740-593-0477 (fax)
also: franklinteresa at gmail.com

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