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Hi Grads,

A job posting from Christine Wolfe.

Dr. Franklin

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I am sending this job posting to the full campus because Lori indicated
that she is in desperate need of quality help----please pass this along to
qualified candidates.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend!


Advanced Job Training Coordinator at Southeastern Correctional Complex in
Lancaster, Ohio needs help running distance learning courses as well as
facilitating computer lab.   This program aims to provide collegiate
certifications in house to any applicable inmate so that upon release, he
or she can be employed and aide in a lower recidivism rate statewide. The
program is grant funded and the certificates are awarded through Sinclair
Community College out of Dayton, Ohio.

The ideal candidate would be a student seeking a part-time job who would
like to be a part of the prison environment. The job pays $11.75 per hour
for up to 28 hours per week. The job would start ASAP and would continue
until successful candidate wishes to move on. The program runs year round.
Those interested should apply here: https://jobs.sinclair.edu/postings/7610 and
then should follow-up with me via email immediately after so that I can
push his or her paperwork through.

Questions should be directed to Lori Moser
lori.moser at odrc.state.oh.us<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'lori.moser at odrc.state.oh.us');> 740-653-4324 ext. 2186

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