[Itech] EDCT 6030 will be open to all students!

Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Tue Jan 7 09:40:36 EST 2014

Hi Graduates,

EDCT 6030 *Principles of Instructional Design *will be open to all graduate
students in the program. In the past, this course has been reserved for the
PID Certificate students.

However, this spring we are opening the course to all of our graduates both
at the PHD and MED levels or to students in other colleges. If you have a
friend interested in this topic, you may want to tell them about the course.

The course will be fully online to accommodate students finishing the PID
certificate program and will not meet f2f as the EDCT 6012 does.

You can enroll in the course in the OHIO portal and do not need any special
permissions to enroll.

Best wishes,
Dr. Franklin


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