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Hello Graduates,

OU will have visitors from Malaysia in November.  They would like to visit
a US school that is innovative and has high academic standards in the
Columbus area.  If you have a school to recommend, please send your
idea to Aida
Johnston <aidajohnston at gmail.com> so that she can make the connections to
the school for the visit.

This should be a great opportunity to show off your school as they will
probably have time for more than one!  (see email below).

Dr. Franklin

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Hi Dr. Franklin,

I'm glad all is well in Turkey. The reason I am writing is to ask for
a favor. I am assisting my mother in finding a school for the Deputy
Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muyhiddin to visit in Columbus on
the 11th of November. He will be here in to visit Ohio University to
officiate the opening of the Malaysian Education Outreach event, which
is sponsored by the Center for International Studies. He will also be
in the Columbus area from November 9th to the 11th.

Tan Sri Muyhiddin, in addition to holding the office of Deputy Prime
Minister, also holds the portfolio of Education Minister of Malaysia.
In this capacity as Education Minister, he has expressed a wish to
visit a school or schools in the Columbus area that excel in academics
and innovation. This is part of Malaysia’s
efforts towards globalization, a project in which practices that are
effective and beneficial throughout the world is inspected, evaluated,
and imported into the Malaysian education system.

Tan Sri Muyhiddin, the Center for International Studies, the Tun Abdul
Razak Chair, and lastly, I, would be extremely grateful if you could
suggest a school or schools in the Columbus area that you think would
be of interest to the Deputy Prime Minister, and whose practices and
philosophies would be beneficial to Malaysia.

I realize that the 11th of November is Veteran's day, but if you know
of any schools that may be open on that day, please let me know. Can
you also forward this email to the COE or our programs listerv?

Thank you!


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