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Teresa Franklin franklit at ohio.edu
Sun Oct 20 04:02:11 EDT 2013

Hi Graduates,

Hope all is going well for you.  It is very cold here in a Turkey and my
research project is going well.

It is the time of year for job postings so if you plan to graduate, now is
the to apply!

Best wishes,
Dr. Franklin

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University of Florida (Florida)
(date posted: 10/17/2013)

Applications & Systems
Gloucester County College (New Jersey)
(date posted: 10/17/2013)

Instructional Design
Lewis University (Illinois)
(date posted: 10/17/2013)

Dean of Career, Technical & Health
Southeastern Community College (Iowa)
(date posted: 10/16/2013)

Florida Atlantic University - FAU (Florida)
(date posted: 10/16/2013)

Director of Instructional
Walsh University (Ohio)
(date posted: 10/14/2013)

Educational Technology
The University of Kansas Medical Center (Kansas)
(date posted: 10/14/2013)

Instructional Designer<http://chronicle.com/jobs/0000800005-01/?cid=ja&utm_source=ja&utm_medium=en>
University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign (Illinois)
(date posted: 10/09/2013)

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